Supplying Peace and Quiet

We’ve partnered with world-class equipment manufacturers to bring our clients the very best in residential HVAC systems. We design comprehensive packages that address your needs – including energy efficiency and vibration isolation for quiet systems that give you peace of mind.

Apartment Building
Apartment Building
For urban environments, Tower knows what it takes to feel at home.

Maintaining comfortable and efficient HVAC in urban residences can be particularly tricky – with historic buildings, specialized codes, and noisy environments. We work closely with clients to understand and address your unique needs.

Breath Free & Easy

Residential apartment building
Apartment buildings

Here When You Need Us

Tower offers a complete range of services for the life of your residential HVAC systems. We start by working with stakeholders in the planning process, advising on our products and how they perform together.

After sales, we continue to provide support through owner training and continuing education seminars, and our expert team offers service contracts for ongoing preventative maintenance – making sure your systems continue to run at peak efficiency.

Simplifying a Complicated Process

Sourcing residential HVAC systems for a build or renovation can be a confusing process. It’s hard to know what equipment you need or how it will work in tandem with other system components.

Our Tower team has spent countless hours becoming experts on our lines of products so you don’t have to. We’ve developed relationships with premier manufacturers across product lines in order to bring you comprehensive residential HVAC services.

Tower is proud to offer a single point of service for your complete HVAC needs, from planning and design to installation and maintenance.

Apartment Building

Design Assistance from Knowledgeable Staff

Apartment buildings

At Tower, we prioritize dedication, communication, and education. Our expert staff stays up to date on all advancements in residential HVAC trends and manufacturing advancements.

We work closely with our clients to understand your needs and wants, and we are committed to designing the ideal HVAC system for your space.

Tower is more than an equipment sales firm, we pride ourselves on being project partners. We help you determine the specific systems needs of your project then present a comprehensive, customized systems package just for you.

With help from Tower, you’ll receive top-of-the-line equipment designed specifically for you, backed by an experienced team of professionals.