Verizon 140 West St.

Products Used: Evapco Cooling Towers, VibroAcoustics Cooling Tower Base Location: Manhattan Building Information: Verizon HQ, Next door to 1 WTC Industry Served: Commercial

Seven of our competitors Cooling Towers were In need of replacement. Tower Enterprises utilized Evapco’s full product offering selecting a combination of Evapco Counterflow (AT) and Crossflow (AXS) cooling towers to meet the buildings chiller plant capacity while staging the project Installation to keep the plant online. Since the cooling towers needed to be built on the roof, Evapco modified components to allow for the carry up of over 4,000 tons of cooling tower capacity in a passenger elevator. VibroAcoustics designed a custom cooling tower Isolation base design to avoid any dunnage steel modifications and allow for carry up of materials in the building.